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Without a Disaster Plan, the Financial Risks are Massive

Written by George Liscinsky

In my eyes, the following statement remains extremely profound: The only thing that will be more difficult than planning for a Disaster will be explaining why you DIDN’T!

Without enough proper planning, your brand reputation will take a huge hit if your business process is disrupted. If your services suddenly become unavailable or you are unable to communicate with your customers and partners, your brand will ultimately suffer.

Planning for the unknown is unquestionably a difficult task. The unpredictability of natural disasters, hardware failures, and terrorist events coupled with the unavoidable factor of human error means that the reality is this: data loss is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning must be an integral part of an organization’s risk management efforts. During the 30+ years that I have been involved in this industry, I have seen many companies take a hit to their bottom line or, in some cases, become damaged so badly that they were never able to recover.

Take the time to get ahead of this issue. Keep your recovery plans up-to-date and confirm that your supply chain meets your organization’s standards. It’s also crucial to remember that exercises are an enormously important part of this process. With disaster recovery plans in place, you will be able stay ahead of auditors and avoid any potential criticisms. However, without proper planning and exercising, the result of an actual disruptive event is usually chaotic.

Listen to Nike and Just Do It!

The State (Noise) of Our DR Industry

Written by Steve Gruber

Throughout my 25 years in the Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery industry, I have never heard so much noise.  Talk about an information overload.  It seems that in the recent past, it was much easier to steer customers toward strategies and solutions that met their backup and recovery needs at an acceptable price tag.

Now, today – between the cloud buzz, software solutions, and various appliances being served up – the noise and confusion is heavily compounded.  Couple these offerings with the constant parade of disruptive technologies, and it’s enough to cause a headache.

Based on my experience, it’s time to revert back to the basics, especially for those organizations that have not yet begun to idealize or test their recovery strategy.  Today, many of our largest customers that perform their DR tests with us are still leveraging simple tape-based backup and recovery solutions.  Therefore, tape is not dead and, on the contrary, is very much alive.

Some of our customers have begun exploring other solutions; including cloud-based offerings and a hybrid approach to backup and recovery.  Others have jumped fully into the cloud, only to somewhat retreat when 1) they are hit with heavy data egress charges for pulling back their data, or 2) they have experienced the complexity of full-system restores in the cloud.

Realistically, there is no perfect solution for every computing platform you support today. Instead, there are many companies trying to convince you that they have perfected the latest and greatest solution to take care of your backup and recovery needs.

My advice – put your toe in the water with RES-Q™ Services and, based on our firsthand experience assisting clients with their DR testing, let us provide you with the opportunity to see firsthand, with no obligation, what technology could be the right choice for you.


RES-Q™ Services strives every day to out-service our competition, while possessing the unique ability to think outside the traditional DR box with relevant, cost-effective solutions.


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